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We Want Bingo is hosting a week of FREE Bingo worth 350 quid!

Hey all,

Since I got back from my holiday, it seems like there’s been nothing but trouble! I told you I would make it up to you, so here goes.

I have created an exclusive room in the “We Want Exclusives” tab within the lobby called “We Want Free”. It contains £50 of FREE Bingo every night this week!

For those good at maths, that’s £350 of FREE bingo waiting for you over the next 7 days.

To take part, simply login from 8pm each night. The room is open for one hour only and there’s an additional £100 to play for in paid games, with tickets just 10p.

I hope you enjoy and wish you the best of luck!



We Want Bingo has 500 quid up for grabs this evening!

Hey everyone,

We’re hosting four games worth £2,000 this month and the first of them starts at 8pm tonight! Have you got your tickets?

If you haven’t, you should think about it. The winner will take home£500 cash and all 1tg and 2tg players will get 10 FREE tickets to our Grab a Grand game next week!

Here’s a little helping hand, just in case you want some more chances to win!

Enter code B2S for a 100% match
Available on every deposit (£10 – £50) today only

This code is valid until midnight tonight and will give you up to £50 each time you use it, so make the most of it. Good luck!



Guarantee your share of 2.5k cash on We Want Bingo tonight!

Hey everyone,

Have you got your tickets to guarantee your share of £2,500 in tonight’s Sure Win game?

Everyone with a ticket is guaranteed a share of the pot! We’ve got one line for £400, two lines for £600 and the full house winner will scoop £1,000. The last £500 is shared between everyone else!

The game starts at 8pm tonight, so if you haven’t got your tickets yet, hurry up! Here’s a little helping hand to grab even more tickets.

Enter code SW for a 100% match
Available on every £10 – £50 deposit today only

This code is valid until midnight tonight and will give you up to £50 each time you use it, so make the most of it! Click here for full terms and conditions of this promotion, good luck!



Grab your FREE box of chocolates on We Want Bingo this evening

Hello everyone,

I’m giving away a FREE box of chocolates to all roomies who enter this special 120% bonus code tonight!

Enter code GRC for a FREE box of chocolates
Deposit £20 to claim and play with £44 today only

This code will give you a whopping £44 to play with when you deposit just £20. You’ll also receive a FREE box of chocolates delivered to your door within the next 2 weeks.

Login from 7pm tonight and join me for our regular team tourney, where you can win some amazing prizes!

See you tonight, hopefully Tony didn’t eat all the chocolates!



I’m back on We Want Bingo with FREE funds for you!

Hey all,

I’m back from Poland and I’ve put FREE funds in your account! They will show within the next couple of hours!

To continue the fun, I’ve setup £200 of totally FREE Bingo from 7pm tonight, replacing our regular live draw. I’ll be giving away special prizes and more, so make sure you’re there!

Finally, here’s a code for you to use on every deposit today.

Enter code BACK for a 100% match
Available on every deposit today only

This code is valid until midnight tonight and will give you up to £50 each time you use it, so make the most of it! It’s good to be back.

Good luck, see you from 7pm tonight!



Look who won our Fluffy Favourite special on We Want Bingo this weekend!

Hey all,

I need to tell you about our Fluffy Favourite winners from this weekend’s promotion! I’ve put £20 cash in the following accountsflorintina77chevez123456Jameskellymasrih05,xsarahx666 and angel0022 - well done to you all!

Not your name up in lights? Don’t worry, next time it could be you! Here’s a code to help you out, I’m kind like that!

Enter code CDBU for a 100% match
Use it today as much as you like

Just deposit a minimum of £5 to claim every time and I’ll match it right away. You only have until midnight, go nuts!

Look out for a very special day coming up tomorrow.


Check out the Fluffy Favourites Mystery Prize special on We Want Bingo this weekend!

Hey everyone,

This weekend I’m running a Fluffy Favourites special where you could win a MYSTERY prize!

I’m giving away a mystery prize to the top FIVE players who play Fluffy Favourites the most between today and midnight on Sunday.

There will also be an extra prize to be given to the player who manages the biggest win on an individual spin!

To take part, just deposit a minimum of £10 between now and midnight on Sunday and play Fluffy Favourites as much as you can, it’s that simple.

Good luck, have a great weekend!



Grace is back on We Want Bingo tonight with a special surprise!

Hey everyone,

Tony will be back off holiday tomorrow, that means we have one more night to party whilst he is away!

Make sure you login from 8pm this evening, I’ve lined up a whole host of fun and games and someone will win a very special prize. To be eligble, you’ll just need to use my special code at least once.

Enter code GRC for a 100% match
Available on every deposit this evening

It’s a re-usable code, so you’re free to use it as much as you likethis evening. You’ll get up to £50 back every time you do.

Good luck, see you later!

Grace x


We Want Bingo hosts another night of FREE Bingo this evening

Hello all,

I hope you’re coping without me; I’m in Poland at the moment, so I can’t make the Live Draw again.

That’s why I’ve got another evening filled with £200 of totally FREE Bingo! That’s not forgetting the extra £200 in paid games as well; giving you £400 to play for from 7pm this evening!

You can also use this exclusive 100% match bonus on every deposit this evening.

Enter code TFB for a 100% match
Available on every deposit this evening

I’ll be back next week and I will be announcing the winner of our Birthday Prize Draw. I wonder who will be going to Flamingo Land?



I’m going and I’m not coming back to We Want Bingo…

…not coming back until Monday 11th August that is!


I’ve not long touched down in Krakow, Poland and I’ll be here for the remainder of the week. Grace will be in charge of the site in my absence.

She’ll aim to reply to any emails within two working days and will be at your becon call all week! Here’s a code to celebrate my holidays.

Enter code KRAKOW for a 100% match
Available on every deposit today only

You can use it as much as you want on deposits of £10 or more today only. It’ll give you an instant 100% match up to £100 each time.

I’ve got some more FREE bingo lined up for you on Wednesday, instead of the live draw and I’ve got some more treats lined up through the rest of the week, keep your eyes peeled.

Have a great week, catch you soon!